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Motto & Aim


The Motto of the school is :
“Educate & Illuminate”

The main aim of the school is to provide full-liberal and comprehensive education so as to develop in the child a sound character and a fine personality. The objective is to produce young men and women with a keen sense of discipline, responsibility, initiative, dedication, integrity and loyalty. In fact, it is an all-round drawing out of the best in the child from his/her body, mind and soul.

School Hours

Forenoon : 9.00 am. to 12.00 pm.
Lunch : 12.00 pm. to 12.40 pm
Afternoon : 12.30 pm. to 3.15 pm.
Office Hours : 8.30 am to 4.00 pm.
Meeting teachers : 12.45 to 2.00 pm on Fridays

A Check List to Pupils

1. Get up early in the morning
2. Wish, Good Morning to your parents, brothers and sisters at home.
3. Take bath every day. Keep your teeth clean and your hair well combed
4. Take light & fresh breakfast.
5. Be well dressed. Check up your school bag.
6. Never be late for the School.
7. Say Good Morning to all of your teachers with a pleasant smile.
8. Pray to God in the morning assembly with reverence.

9. Be pleasant with your class mates
10. Concentrate on your studies whole heartedly.
11. Never miss your homework.
12. Play good games in the evening.
13. Devote sufficient time to studies at home.
14. Watch educational programmes on T.V., avoid useless junk programmes.
15. Do atleast one good thing every day.

16. Pray to God and Say Good night to your affectionates and go to bed.

History of the school

The School is situated by the side of Kochin-Madurai High Way ‘NH 49’. The School was started in June 1989 with Nursery and L.P. section under the leadership and guidance of Late Chev. V.M. Eapen (Rtd. H.M., M.S.H.S. Valakom) who had a long successful career in the field of Education. The aim was to impart English Medium Education to the children of the locality. This was the only English Medium School in this Panchayat then. Sri. Abraham Parappillil succeeded Chev. V.M. Eapen as the Manager. Taking into account the needs of the hour, the management has introduced C.B.S.E. Syllabus from the year 2002-2003 onwards. Our principle of admission is co-educational, and it is free from any discrimination on the basis of cast race or religion. The chairman of the Mar Ignathiose Noorono Syrian Simhasana Educational Trust is Rev. Fr. Jisho Alumkal. The Manager of the C.B.S.E School is Very. Rev. Dr. Adai Jacob Cor-Episcopa and


The School follows C.B.S.E. Syllabus. This year it grants admission from LKG to Std X.


All students are to wear uniform every day


L.K.G. to X .On all days expect wednesdays wear green skirt and check top with green socks and black shoes. Wednesday: Yellow T-Shirt and Green Skirt with Green Socks and Black Shoes. VIII to X -- Wednesday: Yellow TShirt and Green Skirt and Check overcoat with Green socks and black shoes.


L.K.G.to IV- On all day expect wednesday Check Shirts and Green Shorts with Green Socks and Black Shoes. Wednesday: Yellow T- Shirts and Green Shorts with Green Socks and Black shoes. V to X -All days expect wednesdays Check Shirt and Green Pants with Green Socks and Black Shoes Wednesday: Yellow T-Shirt and Green Pants with Green Socks and Black shoes.

House Colours

Ganga House Red
Kaveri House Blue
Periyar House White
Yamuna House Green


a) Parents should see that their wards do not remain absent, except under unavoidable circumstances, as it badly affects the progress of the pupil.
b) The pupils should be in the school premises before the first bell. Late arrival will be penalised.
c) If a pupil is to be absent from school, application for leave must be made and sanction obtained prior to absence.
d) In case of absence due to sickness or other emergencies a leave letter must be sent to the school on the first day of absence.
e) Pupils suffering from infectious diseases will not be allowed to attend the class. Irregular attendance and prolonged absence may lead to removal from school.
f) Absence on the re-opening day is not allowed.
g) A minimum of 90% attendance is a requirment for promotion to the next higher class.
h) Absence without intimation will lead to a penalty of Rs. 5/- per day. Absence on the re-opening day may lead to removal of the pupil’s name from the roll. Re-admission may be considered by the Principal on the merit of each case.
i) Except those pupils who have permission to go home for lunch no other pupil shall be allowed to leave the school permises during school time.

Examination and Reports

The school conducts four formative Examinaitons and two Summetive examinations. Scholastic, co-scholastic performance card should be signed by the parent during the open house meeting. This should be returned duly counter-signed within three days. Parents may discuss the progress of their children with the Principal / Vice-Principal after fixing up prior appointment.


A Pupil is promoted to the next higher class on the basis of FA & SA. Hence regularity in attendance and studies is compulsory. Result declared at the end of the year is final in all cases and will not be reconsidered under any circumstances. A Pupil whose conduct is unfit for the school standard shall be asked to leave the school. Further a pupil who fails twice in the same class will not be allowed to continue his/her studies in the school.

Fee Structure

New Admission (LKG, UKG, Class 1 to X)
1. Registration fee
2. Admission fee
3. Development fee

Term Fee

Spl. Fee, Exam Fee, PTA Fund - June 10
and First Term Second Term + Fine Arts - August 1
Third Term + Fine Arts+ Library - October 10
Fourth Term + Library+Fine Arts - January 10

Bus Fee

Students are liable to pay the bus fee on or before 10th of every month.
1. Defaulters in bus fees and tuition fees are liable to pay a late fee of Rs.1/- per day. If the fees are not paid by the last working day of the term, the child’s name shall be removed from the rolls. 2. Any fees, including Bus fee once paid will not be refunded or adjusted against any other dues; under any circumstances. Conveyance
1. The bus will always run in the prescribed route only. 2. The use of conveyance shall not be discontinued before the end of each term.

General Rules

1. While going from a class to the Auditorium or Library or Laboratory and coming back to the class, students should go silently in a signle file keeping to the right of the corridors. Running on the corridors is strictly prohibited.
2. Strict discipline must be maintained both inside and outside the school.
3. Each student should behave respectfully to the members on the staff.
4. Participation in school programme is compulsory.
5. Students who are absent from class must bring leave letter from their guardian to the class Teacher stating the reason for their absence.
6. Non-aproved books or magazines should not be brought into the school.
7. Students should not lend or borrow any articles, among themselves
8. Students must reach the school before the first bell. They must not leave the school with out the permission of the principal or the class Teacher.
9. Students should not enter any classrrom other than their own unless authorised by a teacher.
10. A pupil caught cheating during any examination may get a zero for the subject and could be debarred from subsequent examinations or be dismissed or detained. Any other punishment may also be given as deemed fit.
11. It is strictly forbidden to write or scribble on the walls/furniture or in any way cause damage to the school properties. Any such act shall entail punishment and recovery of the cost.
12. Transportation fee paid for a term is non refundable.
13. Each Student is responsible for the safe custody of his/her belongings. Gold and fancy ornaments should be avoided.
14. Students are not allowed to bring camera mobile phones/I-pod to the school.
15. It is compulsory that the Student should converse in English.
To the Parents & Guardians
1. Read the diary for all instructions, check the same and ensure that it is sent to School every day.
2. The Principal / Vice principal has the right to say on what conditions he/she will admit or retain a pupil in the school.
3. Strict regularity and implicit obedience in class will be expected from the pupil.
4. Any reported or observed objectionable conduct of the pupil will invite disciplinary action.
5. Politeness, courtesy of speech and conduct as well as cleanliness in dress and person is expected from every pupil.
6. No child suffering from any contageous or infectious disease shall be permitted to attend the classes.
7. Parents and guardians are not allowed to see their children or meet the teacher during school hours.
8. The parents and guardians are requested to look into the folllwing matters. a) Sending the children to school regularly and on time.
b) Encouraging them to do their home assignments.
c) Helping them to study their lessons daily at home.
d) Promotion of reading habit and extracurricular activities.
e) Cultivating the habit of friendship, love, social concern and general awareness in children.
9. Each pupil is responsible for his/her belongings such as books, money, umbrella, tiffin carrieer etc. They are advised to bring their books etc., securely placed in a bag. They are advised not to bring any valuable article which they are unable to take care of.
10. Under no circumstance any fee paid to the school will be refunded.

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